Happy One-Year to "Telling Peter!

One year ago today we released "Telling Peter."

THANK YOU to all that have listened, playlisted, and shared with friends. Telling Peter has become, by far, our most-streamed song, with over 10 000 streams from Spotify, Apple, and Google. We appreciate every spin and we're happy you're along for the ride with Hearing Trees.

Truth be told, while we were recording Quiet Dreams, Telling Peter was initially on the chopping block. It went from a fledgling demo to a complete overhaul. Our producer Michael P Falk guided the rebuild of this song from start to finish, and we left Paintbox Recording with something that really stood out. We're glad we chose to take the time it took to go on that journey.

We didn't release the music video a year ago today, that had to wait for April...but filming ghosts is not easy! Amy Simoes from Flicker Edge Films wrote a beautiful script and put in a ton of work and post-production to tell the story of Telling Peter. She also froze her hands the first day of filming as it was about as cold as it is right now in Winnipeg (which is -27C at the time of writing this post).

And we can now say, Telling Peter has also won "Best Music Video" from Creation International Film Festival. 😮👏👏

peter screencap.png