7. I Felt Your Heartbeat Pulsing

you turned beauty into espionage
spirals and screaming into the phone
why won’t trumpets fit into squares
nothing’s worth saving if you can’t look at it and feel butterflies
lifting you off the ground
and the altitude collapsed my brain
and there’s a light at the end of the dark hall
muffled beeping nurses and beige walls
and I hallucinated you were there
looking at me through the bed rails
and you said honey it’s all going to be okay
you said honey everything’s gonna be okay
you said honey I’m not goin anywhere
you said honey i’m stayin right here beside you and
i felt your heartbeat pulsing
i felt your heartbeat pulsing
i felt your heartbeat pulsing
i felt your heartbeat pulsing


6. Hospital

bright lights
empty walls
explain again
clicks on linoleum
i am reduced
door ajar
explain again

and i hallucinated
you were there, through the
bed rails you looked in my eyes
and said everything would be

explain again
and i don't know
how many times they ask
i cannot explain true love


5. Cell Collision

if we're all just cells and
sometimes they collide and
sometimes that makes us feel
feelings inside and sometimes
those feelings go away and
sometimes i can feel your
heartbeat pulsing barometers
and that's enough to satisfy
the entire world over a million
times and even enough to
write this kind of shitty
poetry as justification i can


4. Bourbon Breath

it is dark
it is rain
with candles
i am in
i am
and concrete eyelides
won't allow depth of field
out of focus
irises on -you-

and now
i will sleep beside an angel
with my bourbon breath
stretched across pillows
passing through ghosts
now i can only remember
the time our skin cells collide
and the universes we made
by our author, collapsed
begin again
make the mistakes again
the same
and again

bourbon breath1.jpg

3. Repair

please, glue back together
it won't be the same
tattered and crumbling
like your childhood security blanket
still means something,
maybe you can forget about the tears
it won't be the same, 
but you'll still have it
it still exists, and
that's all you need

please, glue back together
it'll still be charming
maybe more so
it'll last another 28 years
shiny, bright but broken
it will still keep you warm
it will still bring joy
it will still harbour memories
the longer it lasts, 
the more it will keep warm

please, glue back together
we'll be
better than new

poetry 1.jpg