“…Puppets is real and poetic.“ Permanent Rain Press

“Hnatiuk’s unique vocals channel those of Michael Stipe of REM and a younger Matthew Good leaving the listener feeling a familiarity not many vocalists can evoke and his understated lyrics, while seeming gentle, carry bite as he comments on facades and the disposable nature of our current society.” Canadian Beats

What really resonates…is the artistic lyrics, which weave together an exploration of doubt, admiration, uncertainty, and other experiences and emotions.“ The Manitoban


Hearing Trees is anxious, edge-riding rock with a backdrop of colourful, image-inducing lyrics. Frontman Graham Hnatiuk’s immersive poetry grasps the gritty, dry edge of modern life, spinning it over the band’s layered soundscapes reminiscent of post-punk and Canadiana, producing “an elegant sound with rough edges, like a well-loved blanket” (Canadian Beats). 

Hearing Trees hit the ground running in 2017, opening for Iskwé, performing at Festival du Voyageur in Winnipeg, appearing on Killing Moon’s (UK) New Moons Vol VII compilation, dropping a new EP, as well as an appearance at Canadian Music Week in Toronto. 

The band fired off three EPs since 2014, most recently “Puppets” (2017), recorded live-off-the-floor one typically freezing -25C afternoon in January in Winnipeg, Canada. The location of Albert Street Cocktail Co (formerly Mondragon’s) was chosen to make a quick'n dirty EP without studio polish, capturing the band’s live energy. They toured heavily in support of their sophomore EP “Dear Sahara” (produced by Michael P Falk) which topped the charts at their hometown CKUW and reached #35 nationally on Earshot!

Hearing Trees found their stride in touring, using the stage night in and night out to refine their sound and new songs. What has emerged is an evolved but distinct sound, drawing comparisons to R.E.M, The Editors, The National and Matthew Good. 

Two well-received music videos captured their 2016 touring schedule in a nutshel: a live performance of the crowd-favourite “Origami Man,” as well as “The Last Puck,” a song about the departure and return of their beloved hometone Winnipeg Jets.  

More to comein 2018 as Hearing Trees works towards their debut full-length album. 

Hearing Trees are: 

Kyle Kunkel (drums, background vocals) 
Marc Murie (guitar)
Graham Hnatiuk (vocals, lyrics, guitar)